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Discover how we will work together

Afin - The Bespoke Services

We exist to solve the critical issues facing discoveries during their translational journey:

  • too much information,

  • too many things to do, and

  • not enough time to do it all. 

Our unique approach: we take care of you.

We become part of your team.

We understand your aspirations and your innovation.

We help you plan your journey and make things happen.

Our time becomes your extra time to navigate the innovation space.

You are the star and we are your agents representing you nationally and internationally. 


The Partnerships Advisor

Build it

Your gateway into universities, health organisations or companies

We offer to

  • Map your stakeholders.

  • Reach out to potential partners.

  • Manage your collaborations.

  • Facilitate connections in and out of the UK.

  •  Help you move into the health market.

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