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Where the passion begins

It's all about helping people

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At Afin, we have years of experience as innovators and working with innovators.

Although it is possible to find loads of opportunities to grow innovations,

when time comes to act, we are faced with the same questions:

  • Where can we find someone to connect us with the right partners?

  • Where can we find someone to help us navigate this sea of information?

  •  Where can we find funding?

Artists and athletes have talent agents who can promote them:

  • a dedicated person who can spot opportunities and

  • negotiate to get the best outcomes. 

  • How about innovators? 

That sparked the idea.  

We knew how to help innovators make an impact,

so we create the first talent agency for innovators.

Our mission is to be the human face of innovation in a digital world. 

Our core values are dedication to your success and passion for a healthier future.

Our vision is to make health innovation accessible to everyone.

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The Founders

Shared values, ethos and dedication

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Founder and CEO

Dr Brigitte A. Lavoie, PhD

The Network Neuroscientist

Brigitte interest span from neuroscience and engineering to entrepreneurship and arts. She loves to solve puzzles and find out how systems cooperate. She worked for over 20 years in sensorimotor interactions, giving her a keen enthusiasm in multidisciplinary teams. She combines her passion for science and technology and her desire to generate value from innovation to identify the best way to help innovators reach their goals. She has spent years developing and supporting collaboration between academia and industry to progress biomedical research along the translational pathway.

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